Learn more about HPV-related cancers, the Texas HPV Coalition, and people on the front lines of HPV-related cancer prevention.

Consists of more than 75 members from nearly 40 statewide organizations

Catalyzes the work on key issues around increasing HPV vaccination rates

Focuses on provider education, systems improvement, data & technology, and public awareness

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HPV vaccination prevents 6 types of cancer.

The HPV vaccination can prevent six types of cancer when it’s administered before a child is exposed to the virus. Increased vaccination rates happen when we all work together towards cancer prevention BOTH in the doctor’s office and in the community.

Increasing vaccination rates to 80% among 9 and 12 year olds could prevent 90% of HPV-related cancers, and 34,000 fewer people would hear the words “You have cancer” every year.

Throughout Texas, a variety of work is being done to address our state’s low HPV vaccination rates. Currently, Texas ranks 37th out of 50 states for HPV vaccine rates among children ages 13-17. The Texas HPV Coalition was formed to enhance collaboration and communication among stakeholders, providers, academic researchers, professional organizations, and nonprofit agencies to ensure more young Texans are protected against HPV-related cancers.

Texas HPV Coalition

This assembly of doctors, nurses, academic researchers, nonprofit professionals and parents knew we could do better for our children.

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The story of HPV-related cancer prevention is deep and varied. From medical professionals to cancer survivors and concerned parents, get inspired by those working to prevent HPV-related cancers.