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Why vaccinate?

While HPV is usually not life threatening, it has been linked to six different types of cancer.

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Curious about the Texas HPV Coalition?

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“Texas has a massive opportunity to raise HPV vaccine rates and help protect children against 6 types of cancer."

Last summer, more than 40 health organizations including the American Cancer Society, Texas Medical Association, UT System, Texas Pediatric Society, the Texas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and MD Anderson Cancer Center, publicly launched the Texas HPV Coalition.

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“We can make our generation of kids the generation that turns the tide on cancer, but it’s going to take our collective effort as parents."

I understand why some parents feel uncertain about this vaccine. There are the conflicting news stories, and we’re bombarded on social media with messages that can cause us to worry and hesitate. I based my decision on scientific data and facts.

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“It’s this type of collaboration, from our diverse group of members, which makes the Texas HPV Coalition’s work truly unique."

The Texas HPV Coalition is dedicated to increasing HPV vaccination rates through coordinated work across Texas. Recently, coalition workgroups gathered in Austin, TX for a 2-day workshop.

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Resources for Parents

Looking for information on vaccine safety and effectiveness or how to talk to your child about the vaccine? Explore the National HPV Vaccination Roundtable’s Resource Library for resources made for parents.

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Is the HPV vaccine safe?


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