Community Health Workers (CHWs), also known as Promotores de Salud, are individuals who serve as liaisons and cultural mediators between health care and social services in the communities they serve. CHWs are members of the community that have a deep understanding of the ethnicity, language, socio-economic status, and life experiences of community members. As trusted members of their community, CHWs help people access services and improve the cultural competency of those services. CHWs build individual, community, and system capacity by increasing health knowledge and self-sufficiency.

The HPV Cancer Free Texas Campaign developed and implemented an HPV Vaccination Project ECHO course that focuses on Community Health Workers and preparing them to effectively advocate for the vaccine in their communities. The 8-session course includes the following subjects:

· The Role of CHWs in Immunizations

· HPV 101

· Cultural Humility and Social Determinants of Health

· Communicating with Parents

· HPV Myths

· Debunking the Myths

· Tools and Resources

· Training Trivia

At the end of 2021, there were 4,208 certified Community Health Workers and 384 Community Health Worker Instructors (CHWI) in Texas. Of those certified professionals, the HPV Vaccination Project ECHO has educated over 1,071 CHWs and CHWIs. 5,812 continuing education credits were provided over 14 cohorts.

An ECHO 2.0 was piloted fall of 2024. This program focuses on activation of the CHW after they have been appropriately educated about the HPV vaccine. This course walks the CHW through the process of preparing for and leading or participating in an HPV focused learning opportunity for their community. This is done in a 4-part course including the following subjects:

· Workplan Development

· Outreach and Collaboration

· Activation and Implementation

· Final Presentations

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