Work Groups

Data & Technology

The Texas HPV Coalition Data Workgroup’s overall goal is to improve the quality and availability of HPV vaccination data across the state of Texas. Specifically, we aim to:

  1. Increase awareness about current data inadequacies and the importance of high-quality HPV vaccination data;
  2. Facilitate availability of high-quality HPV vaccination data to geographic areas and populations within TX that:
    1. Enable providers, clinics, and healthcare systems to benchmark their performance and measure their own progress over time;
    2. Support evaluation of interventions and quality improvement initiatives
  3. Monitor HPV vaccination rates by sub-populations level, smaller geographic areas, and the state overall; and
  4. Create infographic-based materials that motivate parents and local stakeholder groups to support a pro-HPV vaccine culture.

It is our hope that these efforts will: 1) make data availability more consistent across the state of Texas, and 2) enable meaningful use of data.

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person examining data

White Paper ‘Challenges Accessing HPV Vaccination Data in Texas’

In Texas, healthcare systems/clinics, providers, public health agencies, and not-for-profit organizations struggle to obtain adolescent HPV vaccination data for their patient population or geographic locality. This hampers prioritization of HPV vaccination and evaluation of efforts to improve vaccination rates. The white paper describes the available data sources for HPV vaccination coverage (strengths, limitations, and gaps), identify factors that drive better measurement (incentives, regulations), and propose recommendations/strategies for improving data.